Write the word in brackets in the correct form.

1 He still ___________ (work) for a company based in Chile.

2It’s arranged. We ___________ (fly) to Beijing next Tuesday at three.

3 I’m sorry but I really ___________ (must) go now. I have a meeting.

4 The new model is slightly ___________ (cheap) than its main competitors.

5 She works ____________ (efficient) and deserves a pay rise.

6 Norway has some of the ___________ (great) reserves of energy in Europe.

7 Aisha ___________ (leave) the company in 1978 to start her own business.

8 They __________ definitely __________ (finish) this by tomorrow.

9 How nice to see you! How long ___________ you ___________ (stay)?

10 Please __________ (turn) off the lights when you leave.

11 Recently, there ______________ (be) a drop in unemployment figures.

12 All the textiles we sell _____________ (manufacture) in Vietnam and Cambodia now.

13 If I’m not in the office when you call, my colleague __________(take) a message.

14 They ____________ (use) the products, if they didn’t work here.


Ответы и объяснения

Has worked 'Re going Must Cheaper Efficiently Greatest Left Will have finished Have staid Turn Are Will
1. Works, 2. Fly, 3. Must, 4. Cheaper, 5. Efficiently, 6. Greatest, 7. Left, 8. Will definitely have finished, 9. Are you staying, 10. Turn off, 11. Was, 12. Are being manufactured, 13. Takes, 14. Would have used.