Помогите пожалуйста написать сочинение наодну из тем!)

1 We only need a family for comfort and protection,
2 Sharing feelings comes after sharing a meal,
3 Privacy is impossible in an extended family,
4 Too much caring is annoying.
5 Mutual respect can substitute for love in a family.
6 Trust IS more important for a happy family than any other feature.


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Well, not hate, but just irritated. Childfree and I'm not against children as such have nothing. If a normal family, the children, that's fine, and blah blah blah. Only here if abnormal - children, that is what makes this abnormal remain in the family. And if the matter is a matter of course, instinct and sense of duty, for the Fathers, this "eye-" factor - it is the same love for children. Responsibility - well, chaining - badly. If not for one such case, lived would be much better to me now What have observed anywhere caring fathers? But only if that force them to think about it.