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Ukrainian national food got a merited renown almost in all places of the world. Different floury dishes (pampushki, galushki, vareniki, korzhi and others), meat dishes (Ukrainian sausages, cold collations, game, birds etc.), vegetable and milk dishes (ryazhenka and sirniki), various drinks of fruit and honey are very popular in Ukraine.

Ukrainian food scenery

But especially known and most favorite dish all over the world is famous Ukrainian borsch. Borsch is cooked of fresh vegetables: cabbage, beet, tomato with the addition of pounded lard with garlic and parsley. The combination of all these groceries give the borsch its piquancy, aroma and unforgettable taste. There are about 30 types of Ukrainian borsch (Poltava borsch, Chernigov borsch, Kiev borsch, Volyn borsch, Lviv borsch and others).

Ukrainian borsch

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Various porridges - vareniki filled with cottage cheese, potatoes, stewed cabbage and berries in summer - are prevalent in Ukraine too. Stewed meat with potatoes, Ukrainian bitki with garlic and lard, stewed cold boiled pork with cabbage and lard, krucheniki and others have the same popularity among Ukrainian lovers of tasty food.

Ukrainian vareniki

Fish dishes have a considerable part in Ukrainian national food assortment from the old times. For example crucian (carp) baked in sour cream, fish krucheniki, carp stuffed with mushrooms and boiled buckwheat, carp stewed with onion or sour cream, pike perch stuffed with mushrooms and crawfish and others.

Ukrainian krucheniki

Ukraine national cookery is rich in meals cooked in special cases (wedding, birth of the child, send-off to the army and others). In such a way pancakes of wheat and buckwheat flour and vareniki are the obligatory meals in Pancake week (Maslenica). Meat or liver pies are usually cooked for the most solemn occasions. The ceremonial dish was fruit compote - uzvar. Now these dishes are common in every Ukrainian and Russian canteen or restaurant.

Ukrainian uzvar