срочно помогите умоляюююююююююююююююююю !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! нужно поставить правильное время !!!!!!!!!!an old blind man(sit) on busy street corner in the the rush hour(beg) for money.on a cardboard sign next to an empty tin cup he(write) blind please help!!!noone (give)him any money.a young advertising writer walked past asnd saw the blind man with his sign and empty cup and also (see) the many people passing by completely unmoved let alone stopping to give money.the advertising writer took a thick marker pen from her pocket turned the cardboard sheet backtofront and re wrote the sign then when on her way

immidiately people began *put) money into the tin cup .after a while when the cup was over flowing the blind man asked a stranger (tell) what the sign (say) now

it says said the stranger it(bt) a beauriful day !you can see it i connot


Ответы и объяснения

1 was sitting, begging for money was writing Gave Saw To tell, sign saying now It's a beautiful day Но в следующий раз пиши более разборчивее а то некоторое не понятно было