put the verbs in brackets into the present simple present continuous 1) Where ..(you/be) last week? 2) I ..(relax) on the beach most of the week actually 3)have you been to india? 4)Yes i ..(go) there last summer 5)why ..(you/not/come) last night 6) becausу i ..(study) for my exams 7) how did you meet? 8) when we ..(walk) along the beach 9) how..(be) your holidays? 10) awful! it ..(rain) the whole time


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1. Where were you last week?

2. I was relaxing on the beach most of the week actually.

3. Have you been to India?

4. Yes, I went there last summer.

5. Why did not you come last night?

6. Because I was studying for my exams.

7. How did you meet?

8. When we were walking along the beach.

9. How were your holidays?

10. Awful! It was raining the whole time.