ребят, помогите пожалуйста:

1) Choose grammatically correct variant of translation:

По мне бы лучше, чтобы Вы приехали туда сейчас же, можете?
a) I'd rather you arrive here right now, can you?

b) You'd better arrive there at the moment?

c) I'd rather you arrived there right now, could you?

d) I'd like you to arrive just now, can you?

2) Choose grammatically correct variant of translation:

Неужели ты думаешь, если бы я встретил Помелу, я бы не сказал тебе об этом?

a) Don't you think if I saw Pamela I won't tell you about it?

b) Do you think that if I see Pamela I wouldn't tell you about it?

c) Don't you think if I've seen Pamela I won't tell you about it?

d) Don't you think that if I had seen Pamela woudn't have told you about it?

3) Choose the sentences with proper quotation marks:

a) Ben asked, "When's the supper?"

b) What did she mean, John wondered, by saying "as soon as you make it"?

c) Fred shouted, "Look out for the tiger!"

d) I spent the whole morning reading Faulkner's "Barn Burning", which seemed to be about a pyromaniac.

4) Answer the question:

What can you drop without losing anything?

a) an old wallet;

b) a bad habit;

c) a new friend;

d) your surname.

5) Choose the words that characterize different literary genres:

a) ballad; b) black humour; c) belles-lettres; d)burlesque.

6) Choose the odd one out:

a) a wizard; b) a magician; c) a sorcerer; d) a witch; e) an illusionist.

7) Although the British usually like to complain about bad weather, they often use some expressions to put a brave face on it. Find out them:

a) Never mind - it's good for my strawberries;

b) It's finally decided to rain;

c) I hope it'll clear up later;

d) At least my cucumbers will be happy;

e) Well, I've heard it's worse in Russia. They've got terrible heat.

8)What type of house does this person live in?

I live in a house that is arranged on only one story.

a) cottage; b) detached house; c) semi-detached house; d) bungalow; e) terraced house.

9) Choose the wrong word connected with sportsmen:

a) jockey; b) archerer; c) canoeist; d) mountaineer; e) archer.

10) Choose the synonyms used for a group of bees:

a) hive; b) swarm; c) sloth; d) bike; e) drift.

11)Choose British newspapers usually known as tabloids:

a) The Daily Mail;

b) The Times;

c) The Mirror;

d) The Observer;

e) The Sun.

12) Choose the odd one out:

a) Thailand; b) Singapore; c) Tokyo; d) England; e) Vietnam.

13) Choose true statements:

a) Presidents' Day is celebrated on the third Monday of February;

b) It honours two great presidents, President Washington and President Lincoln;

c) Pictures of both presidents' heads can be found on US banknotes;

d) President Lincoln's first name was George;

e) Both presidents were assassinated.

14) Match the phrasal verb "to quest for" with its Russian equivalent:

a) успокаивать(ся), унимать(ся);

b) дрожать, содрогаться ( от страха, холода);

c) ссориться из-за кого-либо, чего -либо;

d) искать, разыскивать;

e) освобождаться, избавляться.

15) Choose the proper variant:

Your friend needs some help. What should you say?

a) Explain me the problem and we can discuss about it;

b) Explain the problem to me and we can discuss it;

c) Explain me the problem and we can discuss it;

d) Explain the problem to me and we can discuss about it;

e) Explain the problem to me and we can discuss about it.

16) Complete the statement:

The first-ever dictionary of the English language was written by ...

a) John Jackson;

b) Samuel Johnson;

c) William Chester Minor;

d) Oliver Cromwell;

e) Jonathan Swift.

17) Choose the right word to complete the English proverb:

... or nothing.

a) Neck; b) Head; c) Brains; d) All; e) World.


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