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Mack - genus of herbaceous plants of poppy. Sap of poppies called "opium", which translated from Greek means "poppy juice"
 Plants emit a milky juice, white, yellow or orange.
Leaves usually once or twice or thrice-pinnately dissected, often naked or hairy-bristly.
The flowers are large, solitary, usually red (less often white or yellow), on long stalks, or (in stemless species) pedicels without bracts, some species - paniculate inflorescence. Stamens usually numerous, thin or top clavately extended filaments, anthers from round to linear, sometimes with capitate appendages on courier. Ovary of 3-22 carpels, usually 4-10. The flowers are pollinated by insects, some species may self-pollination.
The fruit - capsule, short-cylindrical, club-shaped, oblong, obovate or globose, sessile or abruptly narrowed into a short leg, unilocular; placenta protrude inward in the form of thin plates, the top covered with a pyramid-shaped, convex or flat disc, protivuplatsentnye rays usually are connected membranous or leathery membrane in monolithic disk. Opening the box is cell directly under the disc. Seeds are small, a cellular, without appendage. Ripe seeds are released over a long distance due to a sharp bursting boxes. They can also fall out of the holes in the wind box, as the salt of the salt shaker.