Переделать предложения в Passive Voice

1. he stole a lot of money from the shop.

2. by six o'clock they had finished the works.

3. at three o'clock the workers were loading the trucks.

4. by three o'clock the workers had loaded the trucks.

5. they will show this film on TV.

7. they are building a new corner hall in our street.

8. i bought potatoes yestarday.

9. we shall bring the books tomorrow.

10. they are repaining the clock now.


Ответы и объяснения


1) A lot of money were stolen from the shop

2)The works had been finiched by 6 o'clock

3)The trucks were being loaded at three o'clock.

4)The trucks had been loaded by three o'clock

5)This film will be shown on TV

7) A new corner hall are being built in our street

8the potatoes were bought yesterday

9)The books shall be brought tomorrow

10)The clock is being repaired now