Write 10 sentences about something that happened and give the reason using "Because".
Пример: I can`t get in my flat because i have lost my key.

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Ответы и объяснения

1. We were not allowed inside the museum because it was too late. 2. I could choose between several universities because my marks were high enough. 3. She can't take phone calls because she is on the meeting. 4. We arrived late because of the traffic jam. 5. They can win the competition because there are not many works to compete with. 6. I stay at home because I want to recover well. 7. He always plays villains in the theatre because he looks like that. 8. She likes this book because it has an interesting detective plot. 9. You should stick to the rules of the school because otherwise you can be expelled from it. 10. He browsed the Internet for the translation because he did not know American slang.