Привести по 3 примера предложений с действительным залогом в следующих временах:

Past simple

Present simple

Present continuous

Past continuous

Present perfect

Past perfect


Ответы и объяснения

  • Vios
  • хорошист

Past simple

I enjoyed the party very much.

Mr Edwards died ten years ego.

When I lived in Manchester, I worked in a bank


Present simple

He drives a bus.

The earth goes round the sun.

In summer Tom usually plays tennis twice a weeek.


Present perfect

He has lost his key.

He has gone to Spain.

He told me his name but I've forgotten it


Past perfect

I'd never seen her before.

He had gone.


Past continuous

They were playing tennis (at 10.30).

He was sitting on the grass and reading a book.

While I was working in the garden.