Ребят..Помогайте.Задание такое:Профессиональный спорт.Плюсы и минусы.15 предложений.англ..


Ответы и объяснения


1 . professional sports give to the person the purpose.
2 . sports improve health of the person.
3 . the person looks good going in for sports.
4 . the athlete eats properly.
5 . physical exercises improve brain activity.
6 . Professional sports can provide to the person glory and comfortable life.
7 . Going in for sports you find new friends.
8 . Being engaged in professional sports of people sees the family a little.
9 . Going in for sports at the athlete of a little free time, he constantly is engaged in the sports hall.
10 . During trainings there are fractures of bones and bruises.
11 . In professional sports strong rivalry.
12 . When the person starts growing old he can't be engaged any more and he has no work.
13 . Girls athletes have a small breast.
14 . Professional athletes very much are tired.
15 . Athletes are nervous much.