Помогите составить рассказ на английском языке про лучшего друга-7 класс(минемум 7 предложений)


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 My best friend`s name`s .....   We made friends a few years ago. we are of the same age. We live in the some block of flats,so we see each other almost every day.

   ......  is a tall slender boy .He has got dark hair ,large dark eyes ,a straight nose and thin lips.He wears spectacles .He is a nice guy. He is very honest and just,understanding and kind.I trust him a lot and I`m sure that i can rely on him in any situation.He never lets people down.  .......  is only  (возраст) but he is very responsible - he finished whatever he starts . he`s got only onr shortcoming - he is a bit stubborn. Nevertheless he is pleasant to deal with.

    whitout   .......  i would fell lonely and uncomfortable. Our frienship helps me to feel strong and sure of myself