Помогите написать по 3 предложения на анлийском языке со словами :

Dishes, to the right of, between, opposite, bathroom.

В Present Simple.


Ответы и объяснения


There are so many dishes on the table!

I know how to cook my favourite dishes

I don't know how to cook Italian dishes


The bathroom is to the right of the bedroom

The supermarket is to the right of the railway station

The kitchen is to the right of the bathroom


We need to meet him between two and half past two

I know that the cinema is between the library and the park

I need to be there between six and eight


My father's offise is opposite the petrol station

There's a hospital opposite my house

My opponent would like to express his opposite opinion


My bathroom is very big and beautiful

There are four bathrooms in Michael's house

Father thinks that four bathrooms in one house is too much