Помогите написать по 3 предложения на анлийском языке со словами :

Cheap, curly, tired, sholder-lenght, refrigerator.

В Present Simple.

Зарание спасибо :)


Ответы и объяснения

My brother always buys cheap food. I don't like wearing cheap clothes. In my opinion, cheap shoes are not really fabulous. I have neither curly nor bold friends. I'm afraid of curly people. However, curly people are cute. When I get tired I usually go to sleep. My father is always tired after work. John says that it is not necessary to help him if you are tired. Mary has shoulder-length haircut. I don't like having shoulder-length haircut. Lary has a girlfriend with shoulder-length haircut. When it's time to go to sleep my refrigerator is my best friend. Sometimes I want to get rid off refrigerator as I feel a bit fat. Mother likes our blue refrigerator.