Срочно помогите написать 10-15 предложений про супермаркет на английском языке!


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My supermarket is very big and always clean
It sold all that is necessary for: farming, food, and more
Coloring it red
It opens to the quire hours
And running up to nine
I love my supermarket

Знаю мало но все-же может что то возмешь 


1 . The supermarket is big shop.
2 . In a supermarket there are a lot of different goods.
3 . Kate bought six packages of chips for a party in a supermarket.
4 . The biggest supermarket is in Japan.
5 . Near supermarkets there are big parkings for cars.
6 . In supermarkets some floors and between them love move on escalators and elevators.
7 . Mother told Jack to buy products in a supermarket and gave it сптсок purchases.
8 . The woman bought spoiled DVD a disk, but she didn't keep the check.
9 . Lisa settled work in a supermarket the cashier.
10 . I bought yesterday very tasty roll in a supermarket.