Помогите пожалуйста с английским. Нужно составить 15 (можно более) предложений про Арктические острова.


Ответы и объяснения


Arctic Ocean - the smallest area of the Earth Ocean, located entirely in the northern hemisphere, between Eurasia and North America.

Area of 14,750,000 km ², the average depth of 1225 m, the maximum depth of 5527 m in the Greenland Sea. [1] Water volume 18,070,000 km ³. Most of the bottom topography of the Arctic Ocean occupy shelf (more than 45% of the ocean floor) and the continental margin (70% of the bottom area). The ocean can be divided into three large water areas: the Arctic Basin, North European and Canadian pool pool. Geographical location due to the polar ice cap in the central part of the ocean is maintained throughout the year, even though it is in a mobile state.

To the Arctic Ocean adjacent to the territory of Denmark (Greenland), Iceland, Norway, Russia and the United States. The legal status of the ocean at the international level is not directly regulated. Fragmented it is determined by national legislation of the Arctic countries and international legal agreements. During most of the year, the Arctic Ocean is used for shipping, which made Russia the Northern Sea Route, the United States and Canada in the Northwest Passage.