Прошу о помощи:) №1.Нужно расставить слова по пропускам: a an as between but for in of on than the up which who with. MORGEN SUN INTERNATIONAL LEISURE PLANNER We own hotels and holiday centres in England, France, Spain and Portugal. The leisure planner is responsible (1) planning and organizing leisure activities for guests and other clients.The post requires someone (2) the ages of 25 and 35 with an interest in encouraging people (3 ) all ages to take part in (4 ) wide range of leisure activities at our holiday centres. Fluency (5 ) French and either Spanish or Portuguese is also desirable (6) not essential. Although (7) successful candidate for the post will be based in our London headquarters near Heathrow Airport, he or she will be required to travel frequently. Candidates must be capable of working (8) their own but at the same time be able to cooperate (9) other members of a busy team. In addition, the successful candidate must have (10 ) international driving licence. SENIOR PERSONAL ASSISTANT We are also looking for someone (11) has had at least five years' secretarial experience to assist the managing director. Good organizational and communication skills are essential, (12) well as the ability to use computers, software and other information management systems. Candidates for both positions must be ready to take (13) their posts no later (14 ) the end of the year and should apply in their own handwriting on standard forms, (15 ) are available from the Personnel Department. №2 Read this text and the words in capital letters below it. Change the form of each word so that it fits the numbered space. An example is given (0). The question 'What makes a manager (0) successful ? often comes up. First of all, a manager needs the right kind of (1) support. In other words, a good manager requires the (2) of a good secretary. A good secretary needs to have the right kind of (3) skills. These include the (4) to use modern technology, such as computers. There are (5) skills that are just as important. More and more managers need secretaries who can speak several foreign languages (6 ) . Success or failure in international (7 ) can depend on this. This (8 ) is often stressed in job advertisements today. Many (9) are rejected because the candidates lack such skills. 0 SUCCESS 5 ADDITION 1 PROFESSION 6 FLUENT 2 ASSIST 7 NEGOTIATE 3 SECRETARY 8 REQUIRE 4 ABLE 9 APPLY


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N1 1. For 2. Between 3. Of 4. The 5. In 6. But 7. A 8. On 9. With 10. An