Помогите пожалуйста составить сочинение по типу с2 на тему: "Если бы у меня была машина времени"


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Aza, I beg you, open your eyes! When he came to, my dear! Do you hear me? Ase, can you hear me? -Patting my cheeks, shouted Nino. I lost consciousness. It became difficult to breathe. His vision swam ... a couple of seconds, and the darkness. I do not know how much time passed. But opening his eyes, I knew, everything that happened to me is not a dream. Immediately wanted to close them again. And never, never to open them again.
My name is Asa. As of today I'm 23. I was born and raised in South Ossetia, graduated from high school, and how many go to college. I studied well, all in time. I chose the right direction, and my studies brought me great pleasure. I am sociable and cheerful girl and her friends were ... I had a lot. It was ... it was. As to the family, we are the parents three daughters and two sons. Big happy family .... was. Parents have the best of strong, they tried to give a good upbringing and education. They succeeded. But ... after the incident, and all say they do not understand whose blood I am. My two sisters are married, for Ossetians. And the eldest brother is married. Everyone was always dignified, respect us, we were treated well. My brothers were proud of us sisters. Protected us much patronized. But ... the family apparently did not black sheep ... as many have said. And it came to me of course. It is hard to remember all of this ... ((so much pain and hurt. At all. And on herself.