Ul'yana Lopatkina dances at tne Mariinsky Theatre/ But mant world theatres ask her to dance on their stages because she is a brilliant ballet _________________(1). Igor Moiseev founted his famous Folk Dancing Ensemble in 1937/ And he is know not only as the __________________(2) of the Ensemble but also of new ways in choreography/ Mikhail Glinka wrote the first Russian national opera in which be followed ethnic musical traditions. As a ______________(3) of the Russian folk tunes he showed how rich the world of the ethnic music is. Sergey Rakhmaninoff performed in the best world concert halls as a pianist with great success. He was not only a brilliant ____________________(4) but also a wonderful composer. At the leader of the Virtuosos os Moskow Orchestra Vladimir Spivakov contributed much to the develompent to the chamber music. He is also a __________________(5) to the violin playing.


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1. dancer

2. founder

3. writer

4. performer

5. contributer