выделите пожалуйста главное The UK is an island country and its weather and climate are strongly influenced by the sea which surrounds the British Isles(Great Britain and Ireland).As the British Isles are many times smaller then other lands in the Northern Hemisphere,they are more influenced by the ocean than inland countries with similar latitude.The sea warms up and cools down more slowly than land,keeping winters relatively warm but also making the summer cooler.Also,the warm sea current called the Gulf of Mexico keeps the sea on the west side of Britain warmer-frosts are rare in these areas.The overall climate in the UK is called temperate maritime.This means that it is mild with temperatures not much lower than 0(градусов)С in winter and not much higher than 30(градусов)С in summer.It also means that it is damp and changeable.


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The UK is an island country with climate, which is called temperate maritime because it's changeable, but temperature can't be lower than 0 and higher than 30 there. It is so because of the sea, which surrounds the British isles and that's why weather and climate are strongly influenced by the ocean: it keeps winters warm, but makes summers cooler.