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Проверенные ответы содержат надёжную, заслуживающую доверия информацию, оценённую командой экспертов. На "Знаниях" вы найдёте миллионы ответов, правильность которых подтвердили активные участники сообщества, но Проверенные ответы - это лучшие из лучших.

Nowadays we can’t imagine our life without the Internet. All teenagers, adults and even our grandparents use it every day. It becomes an important part of our lie. We can find there the information we need. We can communicate with other people even from other countries and make friends there. We can find there different adverts about work, selling of things or service.  We can find films, music, books, and magazines there and download them. The Internet is necessary for each person. It makes our life more interesting, it helps to save money and it helps to study. I think that the most important problem of the Internet is the addiction of people to it. It becomes as a drug for us. We can’t live without it. It can break people`s life. Some people surf the Internet for many days and forget about their relatives and real life. As for me, the Internet is a very useful thing, I can search for various information there.