Rewrite the sentences into the Passive. 1)Americans celebrate Thanksgiving in November. 2)We decorate our house before New Year's Eve. 3)Do you dive presents at Chtistmas? 4)Do people speak English all over the world? 5)They never buy toys for very young children. 6)Parents often read books to their children at bedtime. 7)People in China eat snakes at parties. 8)People celebrare Easter after the first full spring moom. 9)One uses milk for making butter. 10)She cooks breakfast for her family.


Ответы и объяснения


1)Thanksgiving is celebrated in November by Americans

2)Our house was decorated before New Year's Eve by us

3)Presents are given ot Christmas from you?

4)Is English spoken all over the world?

5)Toys are never bought for very young children

6)At bedtime books are often red by parents to their children

7)Snakes are eaten at parties by China people

8)Easter is celebrated after the first full spring moom

9)Milk is used for making butter

10)Breakfast is cooked by she and for her family