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All considered the princess as the most bad girl in kingdom. In the childhood it have strongly spoilt, it received everything that wanted. She constantly swore at the king, and the poor queen even did not wish to see. – I hate you! – she shouted. – when all of you will die?! The princess very much wished to correct kingdom itself. Once she has bought poison from a witch and poured to his parents. But the fairy godmother about it has learnt and has changed plates. The princess has poisoned. Despite that it was the bad little girl, the king with the queen very much were upset. – Anything terrible, – the fairy, – in hundred years when already you will die has told, and the world becomes absolutely to another, she will be kissed by the prince, and she will wake up. Then we will look, whether it will change. The king and the queen very much were delighted and have begun to live happily. Has passed hundred years. The king and the queen have already died, the kingdom was ruined. Once in those edges the young prince has called in. It has risen in the highest tower and has seen the princess. He has fallen in love with it because it was very beautiful, and has kissed. – What is the matter? – the princess has enquired. – that you allow yourselves? – But I have rescued you, – the prince has objected. – Has rescued from what? – The princess Laughed at it. – I simply slept. And you have woken me! – Excuse, – the prince was upset, – means, I am not necessary to you? – Certainly, no! To me and one it is good. To the prince has bothered with it to swear, and it has left to search to itself(himself) for other princess. – Stop! – the princess shouted to it following. The prince has turned and has told: – To offend the person easily, and to understand difficult. It is difficult to apologise, but difficultly and to forgive. – I … I have understood, – the princess has told and has recollected the unfortunate parents whom it offended. – I more never will so do. Forgive me. – Has already forgiven, – the Prince has smiled. – I love you! – the princess has told, and they have kissed. And from height the fairy observed of them and rejoiced that at this history such happy-end.