Выберите правельный ответ

1) Alice used to ... in that house.

a) live b) lived c) living

2) Yesterday i ... my friend.

a) used to meet b) met c) meet

3) These cars ... in Russia.

a) are made b) made c) have made

4) The newpapers are ... every day.

a) sell b) sold c) selling

5) She didn t see ...

a) nothing b) something c) anything

6) They have holidays four times ... year

a) a b) an c) the

7) He ... his homework now

a) is doing b) does c) used to do

8) He usually ... his homework in the afternoon

a) is doing b) does c) used to do

9) You had a good time, ...?

a) didn t you b) hadn t you c) had you

10) Mary took the box ... was made of metal/

a) who b) which c) what


Ответы и объяснения


1)a) live 

 2)b) met 

 3)a) are made

4)b) sold


 5) c) anything

6)a) a 

  7)a) is doing

8)b) does 


 9)a) didn t you 

10)b) which