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1. a. where what why which why b. what how who what which 2. No, he didn't. Yes, he did. Yes, he did. No, it wasn't. Yes, they did. No, he didn't. Yes, they do. No, it wasn't. 3. I went out last Saturday. I had lunch with my friend. I went to my brother's party in the evening. I called Marina and Sasha on Sunday. I went to bed at 9 p.m. on Sunday. На втором листе обводи кружочком: sea/ocean look/see pedestrian/walker ill/sick hold up/delay start/begin wash/clean wonderful/great objects/things. Подчеркивай: cheap/expensive lend/borrow ask/answer country/town left/right short/long different/same buy/sell repair/break easy/difficult. Страница 3: 4.Caroline Sally Angela Jane 5. who walked  by the sea? played tennis? played football last saturday? Who read(произносится "рэд", ибо это прошедшее время) a book last night? 6. discovered invented final pyramids instructions conversation. Предпоследнюю страницу пропускаю, ибо оно ну совсем не стоит моих трудов:) Можешь со словариком/с гуглом посидеть, справишься. Последняя страница: 2. Children in Britain like yoghurt, ice cream, fruit salad and chocolate pudding. Do you think Ben has a healthier diet than Karen? My mother and father drink a lot of coffee, but I(заглавная) don't like it. At the weekend my mother cooks us all a special dinner, because it's a time we can all be together and chat. 3. chicken  vegetables wonderful exhausted passengers