Вставить слова в правильной форме.

Test 1.

The film was quite __ (INTEREST). The weather is fine today. The sun is shining ___ in the sky.(BRIGHT) I have been to many countries. ___ is my hobby (TRAVEL) You are the best pupil in our class but you have a lot of mistakes in the test. It’s ____! (POSSIBLE) Stuart bought his granny a wonderful present. He is a ____ boy. (GENEROSITY)

Test 2.

Mike is not keen on ___ (to read) this book. Kate ___ (to play) the piano when the phone rang. My brother ___ (to write) a letter for half an hour before the electricity went off. George ___ (not/ to do) his homework yet. I ___ (to cook) dinner now.


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Test 1.

1) interesting

2) brightly

3) travelling
4) impossible

5) generous

Test 2. 

1) reading

2) was playing

3) had been writing
4) hasn't done

5) am cooking