Мне нужно написать о Калининграде,места популярные для туристов типо брошюры куда можно сходить что там делать и так далее.Примеры на фотографии и задание .70-80 слов!!!


Ответы и объяснения


Kaliningrad can be called, without exaggeration, one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Russia. The unique location, a rich history, proximity to the cultural traditions of Europe: all this makes the city very attractive to tourists. Even if you have very little time for a full visit, you can always find plenty of great places to visit in Kaliningrade.V depending on your time you make a plan for your stay in Kaliningrad. To get polnotsennoepredstavlenie about the city, you should be familiar not only with the museums and attractions. Restaurants, nightclubs, theaters, shopping centers: all this will help complete the picture. Also, be sure to leave a few hours on a casual walk around the city.
Start with a tour of the main cultural values of the city. Visit the Cathedral, the church of the Holy Family, Amber Museum, as well as the newly built Cathedral of Christ the Savior. The mixing of cultures and eras, a unique combination of Gothic architecture in the background of Russian nature, amazing organ music: sightseeing tour is unlikely you will find boring.