помогите пожалуйста написать рассказ на английском про супер героя


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In the Republic of Mordovia, near Pushkin Boldin, in the small village of Petrovka 10 January 1904 he was born and grew up my great-grandfather Seraphim D. Osipov. He was a skilled blacksmith. It was said that he is a master of his craft. People came to him from all over the area, so he made the forged for their various products. Worked without sparing hand.
When the war started, she did not leave anyone in the side, touched every city, every village, every house, every family. That's my grandfather took the front. He was told that his ability to work well in good faith and is useful, and sent to work in a munitions factory, about the production and manufacture of military equipment.
Osipov D. Seraphim was not at the front, but all war worked in munitions factories ("Under Armour"). He was sent to work in Siberia, Tomsk, Omsk, worked in Moscow and even in Baranche. He was a valuable employee, the drummer for the production of low tide shells for tanks, construction of different weapons, tanks, guns.
Very difficult for everyone in the war. People worked, lived, slept, ate at the factory and ate very poorly and basically enough sleep. The plant was very cold, and wood stove heat was not enough, there were drafts. Osipov Seraphim D. cold and fell ill with influenza. Drugs really were not, there was nothing to heal from - for the complications of the disease, he lost his hearing at 70%. Even sick he was not allowed to go home, so he was irreplaceable. Sometimes she was very weak to stand up for the machine, but he knew he should. Who if not they will forge victory for the Soviet Army.
After the war, my grandfather was awarded medals, including "For Valiant Labor in wartime" and go home.
He safely reached his home village of Petrovka, where he continued his favorite blacksmith, and lived with his family to a ripe old age. In the evenings he sometimes told as blacksmith forged in its intricate and delicate details, and that's about the time of war is not very fond of saying. When asked, then answered: "Everyone at the time was difficult, but we have survived and won the damned fascists."


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