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                                               Ivan Kupala

Feast of the summer solstice. Of the participants of the festival, the people who know the ritual rules, choose the "policeman", which will deal with the preparation and conduct of the holiday. Slavleniya and various ritual spells during the holiday read: priests, magicians, priests, and others, the policeman, the elder. In the morning the girls gather herbs and flowers, weave wreaths and store up-wards wormwood herb St. John's wort, nettle for all participants of the event. Oberezhnye herbs usually are attached to the belt.
   The guys ahead of time is cut down a tree birch, willow, chernoklen height and a half, two human growth. His set on the place chosen for the festivities clean, flat field, hill, river, lake. Girls decorate a tree with flowers and colored scraps of fabric. The tree is popularly known as "madder" or "bathing." Fit under the tree image Yarily - doll size of half a man. Knitted doll of straw, twigs, sometimes molded out of clay. "Yarily" wear clothes, decorate a wreath, flowers and ribbons. He should attach the symbol of manhood and fertility - wooden goy genital member of impressive dimensions, painted in red color. Before the "Yarily" on a platter or headscarf have dishes. Boys collect fuel wood and placed near the tree two fires. One, a large "Kupalets" up to four human growth, it is set in the middle of tall pole on top of which is attached tarred wooden wheel or a bunch of straw, dry wood. Around this fire and will most fun. Another fire, folded into a well, not so great, man's waist. This is the funeral pyre steal, to be burned face Yarily