помогите написать сочинение комната моей мечты. комнату,а не дом


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Last year, we got an apartment in a new area. I was very happy that I can have my own room. My room is not very big, but comfortable and light, because it is on the sunny side. In the morning the sun wakes me up first, and after gradually gets to the master bedroom. The right of the entrance to the room, I arranged a small sports area.I love to exercise, so every morning doing exercises. Wall bars, horizontal bar in the doorway, dumbbells are helping me to be smart and strong. In the corner by the window is my desk. In a drawer, I kept notebooks, pens, pencils, markers and old all a bunch of useful things that can be useful at any time.On the table is a glass with sharpened pencils and spare pens, a calculator and a stack of books are needed.I do not like the mess on the table, so the books and notebooks after trying to return to the place of work. Above the table on the wall, I pinned a picture of your favorite movie stars.And above them - a shelf with books and magazines. I do not like to read fiction (prefer movies), but books about sports and music - love it.To the left of the front door is a chair bed, where I sleep or listen to music. Next to the bed - a coffee table with a tape recorder and audio cassette recording of my favorite bands.When I'm home, the music sounds in my room constantly. I have recorded music for every mood. On the floor is a big beautiful carpet.In the hot summer I open the window, I go straight to the floor and relax. I love my room, because I can stay there all alone, and I can invite your friends.Here, even a large gathering noisy company, we have none of the adults do not interfere. My room - my fortress.