Сделать текст на английском на 1,5 - 2 мин. Используя 3 темы: 1) the school you study at 2) yot favourite subjects 3) clubs at your school. Обязательно нужно рассказать об этих темах Очень надо!!!!! Заранее спасибо!


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Our school offers good lunches modern facilities for learning sport clubs schooltrips excursions parties school subjects weeks and Olympiads. Our aim is to develop talents abilities strengths positive thinking. We also aim at encouraging friendliness honesty excellence in learing. Respect for each other is our golden rule. Our teachers are experienced. I like my school. I llike my English teacher. In our school there are many clubs to meet the interests of each pupil. They are voleyball football basketball track and fied athletics. Our pupils visit them with pleasure. At our school it is possible to receive good in formation and knowledge. Our classroom is small. The blackboord is always clean. I like to go to .... school.