ПОМОГИТЕ ПЖАЛУЙСТА ВСТАВИТЬ ГЛАГОЛЫ В present perfect или present perfect continuous!
Dear Sir,
I am writing to you to apply for the position of Sports Editor at your newspaper. I 1) ...have been working... (work) as a reporter on "The Morning Globe" for eight years, and 2) (write) about every major sporting event in England in that time. I 3) (also/make) several important contacts within the sporting world such as football managers and race­ horse trainers, who 4) (be) of great help to me in my career. The editor of "The World" 5) (recently/offer) me the post of Senior Sports Reporter, but as I 6) (never/really/like) the newspaper I think I will turn it down. However, I 7) (read) your newspaper since I was a young boy and I 8) (always/admire) it. I 9) (wait) for an opportunity like this to turn up all my working life. My editor 10) (agree) to give me time off to attend an interview should you wish to meet me.
Yours faithfully, Gordon Bennett


Ответы и объяснения


2.have written

3.have also made

4.has been

5.has recently offered

6.have never really liked 

7.have read

8.i have been always admired

9.have been waiting 

10.has agreed



2) have been writing

3) have also made
4) have been

5) has recently offered 
6) have never really liked
7) have been reading
8) have always admired
9) have been waiting

10) has agreed