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1. Children easily pick up / out new words.

.2 Will you help me to pick out a new dress....

3. he is constantly picking at me.

4. I can pick you up...

5.jane always picks at food. I'm rather worried about her.

6.You can pick up your suitcase...

7 The film director held a casting and picked out  a young actor.....

8 He bent down and picked up the newspaper from the floor.

9 Stop picking at me.

10 It was difficult to pick out the best.


pick up - подбирать, поднимать, заезжать, брать пассажира, улавливать,

pick out - выбирать, отличать, различать, понимать. схватывать

pick at - придираться, ворчать, пилить, ковыряться о еде


1. k


3 i

4 a

5 f

6 c

7 d

8 b

9 l

10 m

остальные предложения не видно