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Many children grow up listening to or watching fairytales that contain moral lessons. What was your favourite childhood book or story?

1 What was the moral of the story, and is it still relevant today?

2 Why do you think stories are a good way to leach morals?

3 If you could write a new fairytale, what moral value would your want readers to take away from it?


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My favorite childhood book was Harry Potter.
Well, its my favorite book and story nowadays .
The moral of the HP is thats Friendship is very important thing in our live and you should be always brave and kind .
Acctually, i think stories are a good way to leach morals, because children's won't listen boring stories about the most important things, its better to tell them in farytales!
So if i could write a book ill tell children how love and peace are important in live!.