1. Put these words in order to make a question:

1) help 2) wash up 3) will 4) me 5) you ?

2. Put the words in the order to say that a period of time is short or long. Start from the word for the shortest period and move to the longest:

1) a year 2) an hour 3) a day 4) a minute 5) a month

3. Put the words in order to make a sentence:

1) never 2) to 3) I’ve 4) been 5) France

4. Put the words in order to make an English proverb:

1) in 2) its 3) season 4) everything 5) is good


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1. Will you help me wash up?

2. A minute, an hour, a day, a month, a year.

3. I' ve never been to France.

4. Everything is good in its season.

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1)Will you help me wash up?

2)a minute, an hour,a day,a month, a year

3)I've  never deen  to France.

4)It's season is good in everything