Пожалуйсьа помогите написать гдето9 8 предложений на тему: Мой друг чтоб друга звали полина


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My best friend is Polina. I often spend time with her and having fun. She like video games and and old movies with criminal plot and westerns. Her favorite actor is Clint Eastwood. She also like listening music, especially jazz. We have it a lot of common interests, for example we like basketball and often play in this game. Polina is really important for me and I hope, that we will never broke up.

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My friend's name is Polina.She is a student.She  lives and studies in Brighton.Every day she goes to college by train. Her lessons start at 9a.m. and finish at 5 p.m. she is a good student.polina studies economics.He must enter university in september. After her lessons she  usually goes home a  6-30p.m. She has supper at 7 o*clock in the evening, after that she does her homework, she works hard to get good marks.At 10 p.m. Polinat has a showerg. On Suturday and on Sanday she doesn*t go to college.At weekends she often has a lie-in , then in the evening she go to the sinema or to the restaurant with me..