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London is the biggest city in Britain.Over seven million people live and work in london.

London is also ane of the most important cities in the world.It is a centre for business and tourism.

There are many exciting things to do in London.the city has got some of the best theatres and museums in the world.There are a lot of places to go at night.It is a fun city.

In London you are never far from the River Thames.many tourists go on bout trips from Tower Bridge to Westminster.

Another good boat trip is to Greenwich.In Greenwich you can visit The Old Royal Observatory.The boat passes a lot of famous buildings.


Buckingham palace is the london home of the Queen.you can walk from Westminster Abbey to the palace.It is a pleasant walk through St James's Park.

Soldiers always guard the palace.At half past eleven every morning , you can watch the soldiers change guard.

The Queen's Gallery is in Buckingham palace.You can visit the gallery and see the Queen's collection of paintings.

Another of the Queen's homes is Windsor Castle . Windsor is near the River  Thames, about forty kilometres from London.The castle is eight handred years old.