1. i'll phone you when i (to arrive) moscow
2. come at 7: we (to have) dinner and you (to be able) to join us.
3. what you (to do) when you (to arrive) at the hotel?
4. if mother (to come) home early we (to go) to the cinema
5. you (to see) us when we (to climb) that hill over there
6. who (to play) football tomorrow?
7. you (to look) at me when i (to dance) on the stage?
8. when you (to tell) me what i should do with these books?


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  • zorbing
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1. I'll phone you when I arrive in Moscow.
2. Come at 7: we will be having dinner and you will be able to join us. 
3. What will you be doing when you arrive at the hotel? 
4. If mother comes home early we will go to the cinema.
5. You will see us when we climb that hill over there.
6. Who will play football tomorrow? 
7. Will you be looking at me when I dance on the stage? 
8. When will you  tell me what I should do with these books?