rewrite the sentenses, using the verb in brackets in the negative. example: you haven't met my wife ( i think) i don't think you've met my wife/ 1) it wasn't going to rain (i thought) 2) their daughter's moving to Canada. they aren't happy (they want) 3) I'm surprised to see you here ( I expect) 4) you haven't seen Robert recently ( I suppose) 5) I wouldn't like snails ( I think) 6) You probably don't remember me ( I expect) 7) She didn't pass all her exams ( I believe)


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1)  I didn't think it was going to rain.

2) They don't want her daugher to move to Canada.

3) I wasn't expecting to see you here.

4)  I don't suppose you have seen Robert recently 

5)I don't think I would like snails

6)I don't expect that you remember me.

7)  I don't believe she passed all her exams,