помогите пожалуйста буду благодарен!!!! interview your partner about the conflicts your partner and her/his friend .СОСТАВИТЬ ВОСЕМЬ ВОПРОСОВ ())


Ответы и объяснения


You : What kinds of conflicts do you know?

Your partner: Well, I know different kinds of conflicts: personal, political and global. Which kind of conflicts are you interested most of all?

You: Of course, personal conflicts. Tell me a few words  about this kind of conflicts.

Your partner: Well, these conflicts are happen between different people: between classmates, friends and etc.

You: Of course, I may add something, such as: roommates, colleagues, between students and teachers...

Your partner: Yes! And of course, between the members of the family as a rule.

You: How often do you have conflicts?

Your partner: Oh, very seldom. And what about you?

You: Sometimes I have conflicts, but not very often.

Your partner: How do you think, what are the most common causes of conflicts?

Your: Misunderstanding, I think.

Your partner: Is it possible to avoid conflicts?

You: Yes, sure. We should be more tolerant to each other.

Your partner: Thank you for interesting conversation.

You: You are welcome.