Помогите пожалуйста составить 5 утвердительных и 5 отрицательных предложений о зимних каникулах в PAST SIMPLE . Заранее Спасибо!)


Ответы и объяснения


1) My winter holidays were great! 

2) I visited a lot of places! 

3) For example,  my parents and I went to Switzerland! 

4) We walked around the city we visited! 

5) And after that great time, we returned home

6) Unfortunately, we didn't buy souvenirs, because there were no souvenir shops

7) There were a mountains, but I didn't skiing

8) And when we returned home, I did not have enough time for rest

9) I have to do my homework, because I didn't do it before

10) I didn't want to go to school.. I want to see again theese places and all trees were in white




















1. I enjoyed my winter holidays.

2 I and my friends made a snowman.

3 We played snowballs , skated on the skating -rink.4We celebrated New Year and Christmas.

5 I got many presents  during my winter holidays.


1 When did your winter holidays begin?

 2How many days did they last?

3 What did you do during the winter holidays?

4Did you go to the skating- rink?

Did you watch TV during your winter holidays?