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The school of Gorky was constructed in 1943. In 1958 to it appropriated a name of the Russian writer of M. Gorkogo.

At school 142 pupils in 11 classes are trained, training is conducted in Russian. Classes are given in two changes, in two offices the kindergarten 'Aygolek' settles down, children live and are engaged in school.

School life begins with a school call. From all streets of our beautiful village children in school hurry in the morning. Here they always with a smile are met by the technical personnel and teachers. And here it is ringing. In warm offices there is a lot of greens, look after for which children under the sensitive guide of class teachers. Heads section of class teachers of Rabotyagov Gulmira Kaykenovn - the skilled methodologist on educational work, the excellent musician which efforts the school takes for a number of years prizes on amateur arts festivals.

Pupils of school participate in all regional actions: Olympic Games, competitions, marathons, sports competitions.

Pupils of school and педколлектив spend weekly 'pure Thursdays' on improvement and cleaning of the territory of school and the village. Trees and bushes are landed, beds with flowers are broken, is kept order in the territory of a monument to the soldiers who were lost in the Great Patriotic War. In 2006 for the first time there took place an action of landing of the avenue of nominal trees graduates of school and guests of honor.

At school the child junior organization 'Zhas Inhabitant of Tula' since January, 2004 is created. Members of the organization conduct continuous work on assistance to veterans of work, aged people.