Misha is helping the tourists from Russia tell their story to the doctors in the hospital. Try to write the story in reported speech. Use the verbs from the list on page 100

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Lena asked his son Kolya what was wrong with him.

Kolya replied that he was feeling weak and he couldn't stand up.

The mom explained to Kolya that he had a high temperature and advised him to take an aspirin.

Later, the mother asked Kolya if he was feeling better. Kolya replied that he was not. and the mother Lena decided to go to the drugstore.

At the drugstory, the mother explained to the chemist that her son had a high temperature and she needed antibiotics. The chemist asked if she had a prescription. The mother replied that she didn't . The chemist indormed the mother that she couldn't sell antibiotics without a presciption. The mother complained that her son needed help. Then the chemist advised the mother to go to the doctor who can examine her son and give her a prescription.  Lena replied that it could be very expensive. The chemist asked if they had any medical insurance. and the mother replied that they had had to get some to get the visa.  The chemist advised to contact the insurance company so they would tell tem what to do. and the chemist warned the mother not to wait too long because her son's life may be in danger.  The mother thanked for the advice. the mother called the insurance and gave me the insurance number and explained to them that her son had a high  temperature and a high headache and that he needed help. The insurance company promised to call the mother back. The insurance called the mother back and told her to go to the saints Hospital. and they explained to her that they had already told the hospital about her case.