Скласти розповідь про найкращого друга на анг.мові і перекласти цей текст


Ответы и объяснения


Among many of my closest friends I think age. She is my ckassmate. But we find it not only in school. Because we are friends Vika is already three years old. We visit a girlfriend with pool walk and perform at the gym on the playground. Often we go to visit each other/ Together we watch movies or record your favorite songs. My best friend for six months older than me. Her long hair is dark brown color and large eyes green With Vika is never sad It is full of sdeas and always comes up with new classes and fun for both of us.

Also my girlfriend is one of those rare people who never mourn.She is funny and cheerful in any situation.And your friends too Vick will not sit sad and gloomy.If she or I see a problem Vick immediately seeks to solve it. Often it is not surprisingly quickly and all because she does not lose calm and balance.

I have great respect for age in all the good traits of her character.And also try  to be for her good friend.