Поставьте пожалуйста предложения в Passive Voice: 1. James took the wrong decision. 2. The doctor is consulting. 3. This event didn`t surprise me. 4. Harry has interrupted the teacher. 5. We knew she had copied the documents. 6. The children have left clothers lying around. 7. She missed opportunity to get job. 8. He has already paid the bill. 9. He is tasting a delicious cake. 10. I have given him your message.


Ответы и объяснения

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1. The wrong decision was taken by James.

2. The advice is given by the doctor.

3. I wasn't surprised by this event.

4. The teacher has been interrupted by Harry.

5. We knew that the documents had been copied by her.

6. The clothes have been left around by children.

7. The opportunity to get this job was missed by her.

8. The bill has been already paid by him.

9. This delicious cake is being tasted by him.

10. Your message has been given him by me.