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Tigers are the biggest cats in the world. They live in hot jungles as well as in icy cold forests. White tigers have stripes all over their body. The stripes are like finger prints. No two are the same. Bengal tigers have a strong sense of smell. They also have a great vision which helps them to hunt during the night time. Bengal tigers can swim and move in the water. They have the ability to grow body hair according to how cold or hot it gets. Tigers are caring mothers. They get really angry when people come near the cubs to take pictures.


1. Tigers have black spots all over the body.

2. White tigers can live in cold forests.

3. The stripes on their bodies are the same.

4. Tigers can smell well.

5. Tigers hunt at night.

6. Tigers are good mothers.

7. All the cats can't swim.

8. The white tiger's fur is thicker in winter.

9. White tigers can be dangerous.

10. People often come close to the cubs to take pictures.


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