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1. What is his advice? - I haven't asked him for it yet.

2. Your luggage is too heavy. They'll have to charge you for it .

3. Her clothes  show her good taste. She really looks great.

4. The football team is taking  a shower at the moment. You can talk to .them .

5.  Physics is  becoming one of the most important subjects in our school. We all enjoy studying it. .

6. The weather in this part of the world changes very fast. You have to check it before going out.

7. Where is my jeans?Have you seen it ?

8. These gloves always keep me warm. You should try .them on.

9. Her good looks make her very proud. - Yes , she thinks about it all the time.

10. The news you brought changes everything. We need to discuss it. as soon as possible.

11. His money is on the table. He always forgets where he has left .it . 

12. They are changing posters on the Opera House. - I know. A new ballet will come here next week.


to solve problems

Can you help me to solve this problem.

to establish a company

He estableshed this company.

to adopt laws

They adopted laws yasterday.

to introduce innovations

he  introduces innovations into an industry.

to avoid mistakes

he tries to avoid mistakes.

to share with people

He shares a house with four other people