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1."She is not here. She has just left the office", the secretary said to us.

2. He said to me:"This man is the doctor for the hospital."

3."There is no one by that name here", they answered.

4."I am ill. I have a high temperature", he said to us.

5."We have tried to telephone him", they said.

6.'I don't think. I will have done this work by the evening', she said.


Ответы и объяснения

1. The secretary said to us that she was not there and she had just left the office. 2. He said to me that that man was the doctor for the hospital. 3. They answered that there was no one by that name there. 4. He said to us that he was ill and had a high temperature. 5. They said that they had tried to telephone him. 6. She said that she did not think and she would have done this work by the evening.