Use should or shouldn't. Example: Your friend is afraid he''ll miss the train. Advise him to take a taxi. - You should take a taxi.

1)Your friend has a bad toothache. Advise him to go to the dentist.

2)Your friend complains that he is getting fat. Advise him to keep to the diet.

3)Your younger brother listens to Metallica all day long. Advise him o stop doing it.

4)Your sister complains that sne can't sleep at night. Advise her to stop drinking coffee before going to bed.

5)Your grandfather had a heart attack the previous week. Advise him to consult a doctor.


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1) you should go to the dentist. 

2) you should keep to the diet.

3) you shouldn't Listen to Metallica all day

4) you shouldn't drink coffee before going sleep

5) you should consult a doctor.


1. You should visit the dentist. 2. You should keep to the diet not to get fat. 3. You should stop listening to Metallica all day long. 4. You should not drink coffee before going to bed. 5. You should consult a doctor.