вставить в слова пропущенные буквы и подобрать к этим словам предложения.

1) пример:pEEl B)



4) b_k_

5)b_ _ l

6) c_ _ k




10)p_ _ ch

предложения: А)cut products into pieces with strong downward movements of a knife

B)remove(the outer covering or skin) from a fruit or vegetable

C)cook, for example, fish in gently boiling water or other liquid

D)cook food using very strong heat directly above or below it

E) cook (food) in hot fat or oil, typically in a shallow pan

F) heat and cook food in a very hot water

G)prepare(food, a dish, or a meal)by mixing, сombining, and heating the ingredients

H) use an electric microwave oven to heat or cook food

L)cook food in an oven

J)combine ingredients together so that the result cannot be separated into its original parts


Ответы и объяснения


1) peel B)

2) сhip A)

3) mix J)

4) bake L)

5) boil F)

6) cook G)

7) fry E)

8) grill D)

9) microwave H)

10) poach C)


Лучший Ответ!
2. Chop- A 3.mix J 4. Bake L 5. Boil F 6. Cook G 7. Fry E 8. Grill D 9. Microwave H 10. Poach C